Rum Hee

22 04 2009

Shugo Tokumarau is an incredibly skilled Japanese musician (he plays around a hundred instruments, from guitar to piano to musical saw) who makes pop music with a slightly odd bent. A lot of his songs approach a melody at a slightly esoteric angle, but his best make this odd approach infectious. Here’s his newest song, the title track of an EP I’m planning on buying this week, Rum Hee. The song is one of his more direct and triumphant.



4 responses

24 04 2009

Guess you already started practicing for the ‘Burque blog. Maybe you should try writting for Rolling Stone? You could earn some cash on the side:)

25 04 2009

I’ll need to learn how to write well first. And Rolling Stone is a bit of a sinking ship. Their getting pretty damn out of touch, unfortunately.

3 05 2009

Your blog has been refreshing, interesting, humorous and fun to read! Thanks for inviting me to your world since January.

4 05 2009

No, thank you for reading a rather sporadically updated display of amateur photography.

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