Saved By Old Times

16 04 2009

Come with me everyone, back to the 80’s.


Paper Tiger

18 02 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts here. I want to keep in the habit of posting, though, so I figure an off topic post is better than nothing. I’m planning on going to Kobe this weekend (if it doesn’t rain, or snow ridiculously hard like it did yesterday) and it’s supposed to be pretty beautiful, so I should have a new crop of photos this weekend. A while ago someone on the internet removed Garfield from the eponymous comic strip. Taking out Garfield and his “witty” punchlines turns the rather inane family strip into a depressing portrait of a man battling mental illness and loneliness. It also makes it actually funny.

Garfield w/o Garfield 1Garfield w/o Garfield 2Garfield w/o Garfield 3Garfield w/o Garfield 4

I think this is my favorite.

I think this is my favorite.

Next time I run out of things to post about I’ll do an actually published series of comic strips wherein Mickey Mouse contemplates suicide. Look forward to it. I also just remembered I was going to do a post on convenience stores…

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Random Rules

9 02 2009

This probably doesn’t really deserve a post, but here’s a few things I’ve been meaning to mention:

– Part of our Japanese class is getting involved in the community in some way. I’ve been going to a church for dinner and will soon be attending a cooking class run by a local housewife. I’m continuously learning the limits of my speaking abilities, but it’s been fun, and everyone has been really nice so far. Ironically, I noticed I was looking up various types of demons and works of demonology on Wikipedia right before I left for the church. Hmm.

– On Friday I went to two restaurants (a little much for me). Eating in Kyoto has been quite good, and these were two of the best. For lunch I went to Raja, a local Indian food restaurant that offers quite a lot of bang for your buck. For eight hundred yen you get a multiple course meal that includes a salad, a portion of chicken and potatoes, a friggin’ huge piece of nan bread (as in torso sized), and a desert. Somehow, a few hours later, I managed to also go to an all-you-can-eat Korean restaurant and put away a fair portion of meat and a couple of salads as well. I basically rolled home.

– The rumors I heard of the extreme study habits of Japanese college hopefuls were apparently not groundless. In Japan, all of the best universities are public and consequently extremely competitive, so the elite universities, such as Tokyo University or Kyoto University administer incredibly difficult exams to determine who is selected. Imagine an SAT-like test, except each portion is equal to a college level final. The Japanese student I ate at the Korean barbecue restaurant with told me he used to study fifteen hours a day, and that his friend studied eighteen until he started to hallucinate. Crazy.

– New Handsome Furs CD = Good.

– I learned to be extremely careful about what I say when I’m in a language interview. I had a casual interview with a teacher here in Japanese and happened to mention that I read a book about the punk music movement (the excellent Please Kill Me). To my horror, my professor proceeded to ask me to explain, entirely in Japanese, the 1960’s and 1970’s New York pop movement. You don’t know truly know the limits of your vocabulary until you try to explain Nihilism and why CBGB was a popular club until you attempt to do so in a foreign language. Trying to explain that I have two half-sisters from different parents somehow went worse.

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Digital Love

1 02 2009

God, maybe I’m just easily amused, but this video makes me laugh every time.

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